Jason Barbknecht
Jason Barbnecht

Jason Barbknecht, grew up in rural MN, hunting and fishing since the age of 5. In high school he started trapping for some income and started to bow hunt then as well.

After high school he Joined the Marine corps, which was the start of his military carrier of over 27 years now. In those 27 years he has served in 3 branches and had several different jobs. His current position in right here in Fort Wayne with the 122 Fighter wing where he is a full time munitions technician, working with the A-10 Attack aircraft. In his private life for all that time s passion for the outdoor life style continued to grow. He has been hunting and or fishing in over 25 states and 2 other countries. In his free time Jason Teaches The National Bow hunters Education Foundation and the Indiana DNR as a volunteer instructor. Jason first bowfished May of 2010 in Oklahoma, followed by 2 days in MN. Upon arriving home to Fort Wayne at the end of May he started on the St Joe river in his boat for carp. That is all it took, he was hooked and by the end of June he started Gills N Bills and has been Guiding for 7 years now.

27 years Bow hunting, 7 years bowfishing.

Bowfishing is the fasting growing outdoor sport at this time. It is the best of hunting and fishing. Bowfishing can be done day or night and is one of the most challenging and easiest sport to do. From shooting spawning carp from shore with a large target that is still for a few moments, to shooting thin gar on the move from a moving boat at night.
This variation makes bowfishing the best sport for people of all ages and expertise level.

Tried it 1 time and was hooked.