ATV's & Slingshots

ATV's from R/T Sales


From 3 wheel spiders to 4 Wheel ATV's, even snowmobiles, you can check out these great on-road and off-road vehicles and see additional information on what's available from our vendors.


Slingshots from Polaris

We dare you to ignore it. We dare you to categorize it. We dare you to rationalize it. The Slingshot® open-air roadster – 3 wheel motorcycle. Absurdly powerful. No roof. No doors. No regrets. Choose a model. Throw it in gear. And go. We dare you.


Yamaha Snowmobiles

From the first moment, the first pull on the throttle, the rush of the acceleration, the fun, excitement and lost sense of time. The intimacy of rider and machine. the focus and hypnotic ‘flow’ of a good ride. Longing and searching for the next level. From the highest performance to the most entry level. Trails, campfires, boondocks, lake runs & back country lunches.  Improving, refining and growing. It begins and ends in the same place. For 50 years, one generation to the next and the next. The circle is complete. You feel in your bones what a non rider can’t even comprehend. The love of the ride and the passing of the torch.


ATV's by Polaris

If you take pride in being ready for anything. If you attack the backyard and the backcountry with the same intensity. If handling a mountain of work is as important as devouring a twisted trail. You need a machine that can do it all.  RANGER® is the superior utility rec vehicle. From the backyard to the deep woods, RANGER has been the #1 trusted partner by more farmers, hunters, and homeowners for 10 years straight.